An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 62   21 comments

21 responses to “An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 62

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  1. I have a theory that if you had a close up of peters mole it would actually be a barcode!

    Great issuye.

  2. Greatest nordy ever-Jimmy cricket c’mere c’mere-genius.

  3. I nominate the late Sammy Duddy’s even later pet chihuahua Pepsi.

    Nominations closed.

  4. You forgot to mention to always put fireworks through the letter- boxes of pensioners when theyre sleeping.

    • That’s terrible LS, how are they going to share in the experience if they are asleep?

    • You can also save on matches by placing [or getting a child to place] an entire box of fireworks on top of your bon-fire. [siting the bon-fire near th wall of your house can help give you that rick o’shea affect too]

      • You need help bungle. I’d report you to the PSNI but they’d probably let you off…let you off, geddit? *Groans*

  5. Dogs love fireworks too!!!

    • Correct Marsha, give them hours of fun by launching sparklers towards the bonfire and shouting, ‘Fetch!’

  6. Great stuff! Can’t wait for the new series on Ulstair’s greatest but you will have to have a top ten and let us all phone a premium rate phone line to pick our favourite Ulstairiyen (That’s Ulster Scots. Another fect ye didney ney.) What Martin is really saying to Gerry is, ‘Yes Gerard, that is Jean McConville and you did put her there.’

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