An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 61   29 comments

29 responses to “An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 61

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  1. Pete will need a name for this new church of his, i suggest “PMS” they already have the finances.

  2. That bell is the only picture in this edition that isn’t a cartoon caracter!!!

  3. Osborne, Cameron and crew were just recreating a scene from their Eton days except this time they kept the clothes on, and there wasn’t a bar of soap in sight.

    Maybe Iris can cure them

    Monsignor G. Ruffalo
  4. In good old Ulster Scots tradition Peter just wants a Church of his Ian. Sorry Pete, position still filled.

  5. Are we to take it from the cleaver positioning of you articles that Duffy is now in the frame for the Lusitania job?

  6. Pete was pissed off when he came down from the mountain and discovered his wife was still fond of the odd bull.

  7. I guess Pete launching the new commandments is better than some limp-handed Carsonesque lark of a covenant.

  8. Will the panto please Nelson because its ulster scoots or because he’s a horse’s ass?

  9. brilliant, great site im cryin with laughter.

  10. You were right about peeter and the removing of saints. look at the picture of Marty and you will see it says sesame tree instead of sesame street. “ST” has been removed!!! Im quite proud of noticing that actually. Go me!!!

    • Mowerman will go to great lengths to get out of paying royalties. He even got Lizzie on board FOC. She fell for the “Sure it would be great publicity yer highestness” (slurp slurp) blurb.

    • You’re on to something there maarsha…sorry typo, you’re on something maarsha, aren’t you?


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