An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 63   34 comments

34 responses to “An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 63

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  1. Thanks to OhBhoy and Hugh Garce for not spotting where Ken was this week.

  2. How did they not find that bomb at the airport, it was obviously in the volkswagen.

    • I want a tshirt with “Escobar Talcum Powder Impoerts” on it.

      Can we buy Lawnmower tshirts?

      • No but we have a few used pairs of Cliftonville pants left.

        What would you like on the T-shirt bungle, Willie Frazer in the airborne barrel perhaps?

  3. O and I nearly choked at Maggie Ritchie’s red under coat.

  4. Is that Cliftonville on gaga’s pants or is she just happy to see us?

  5. Sad news about Thatcher.

  6. very funny especialy like the drugs van!mental site.

  7. Pain in the Hole gang – magnificent!

  8. Lady Gaga, Mary Harney and Margaret Thatcher, all in one issue. I feel like I just walked into a tranny convention.

  9. Saw that Willie Dreenan sketch on the TV it was very funny too.

  10. Why is a piece of Margaret Ritchie’s red coat masquerading as County Carlow when we all know that it is really the Indian sub-continent?

  11. usual top qua;ity mister lawnmower, top laughs again. Gaga=Brilliant!

  12. Sitting here in Edinburgh, I was enjoying my weekly issue of ACL when I read what seemed like a recommendation for a comedy show called ‘Sketchy’. Excitedly, I looked it up on iPlayer and sadly I found it to be as funny as an Irish Budget. Thank you for wasting 30 mins of my life!

    • Our sincerest apologies for the misrepresentation, we thought the Willie Drennan character was funny, almost as ridiculous as Willie himself and did not intend to suggest that the rest of it was good. Then again, this was BBC NI Comedy man, surely you would know it couldn’t contain humour?

  13. That arrow not only missed the aitch but also the target on ken’s back, Looks like it’s one in the I for the F****EN ALPHABET (Sorry for the Vowel Language)

  14. I too have felt solitude in my underwear!!!

    Bad day at the office 2day!

  15. havnt seen the mower for a while. As mental as ever i see, keep up the good work, about time someone was really biting back, the politicians have been takin the piss out of us for long enough. Viva la revolution.

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