The Lawnmower   9 comments

An Cruiskeen Lawnmower grew out of the pages of the late, short lived but brightly burning Irish Political Discussion Forum, ‘Irish Realpolitik’. Rest in Cyberspace.

Posted September 8, 2009 by ancruiskeenlawnmower

9 responses to “The Lawnmower

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  1. I think its hilarious, keep it goin. Near shit myself laughing on several ocassions.

  2. A well manicured lawn. Nearly cut myself with laughter!!

  3. Excellent stuff there. Really good laugh.

    Thinking of subscribing to TUV Proadband. No wirleless re-router can’t be any worse than the router I’ve been supplied by UTV.

  4. Thanks Babs, at £16.90 a month it’s hard to say, well ‘No’.

  5. Class – email me for my comment

  6. This is pretty good I have to say and I think most blogs are crap.

  7. Top notch humor Sir/Madam. Seriously sore on your politicians but I’m guessing they deserve it.

  8. good stuff,you must hate everyone.good on ya

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