An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 80   23 comments

23 responses to “An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 80

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  1. Yes even Stevie Wonder could see through thon Sham !!! and Wee Willie (I’ve seen it) would never be anything other than FAIR.

  2. Flowers and Hearts what a wonderful gesture. Its all so obvious now.

  3. Thanks Mowerman for cutting through the clabber and getting to the truth. Pure truth hi! Not sure John Calvin is that happy looking about having to sit beside yer woman. Ye can see she is delighted to have eleven members to interfere with.

  4. Most rational scottish people were astounded-I know because I asked both of them. Good to have the bovver from the hovver back on our lawns.

  5. “Afore Ye Go” **** BREAKING NEWS ***** Al Hutchinson while he has still some influence on the HYSTERICAL INQUIRES TEAM is going to look into the ridiculously unjust “Breach of the Peace” conviction against Philanthro – pist, Humanitarian and all round good guy The Blessed John Wilson. Please send any of your comments on the back of a Stamped Addressed Letterbomb or engraved on bullet (A dum-dum would be very appropriate).

  6. Stevie Wonder may be blind but on the other hand he seems to have a decent pair of tits!!

    Big Norman Darkside
  7. Where’s the other three members of the lodge, I mean, Jury. There should be fifteen in Irn Bru land. I heard. Were the follwing downing buckies in the johns at the time?

    • The trio left in a huff with Billy Fullerton commenting, ‘I got sick of the court officials making us jump through hoops’

      Surprising that.

  8. By the way, this is ACL’s 1,499th comment coinciding with our second birthday.

    Anyone like the honour of making it 1500?

  9. Not Me Anyhow.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Dam it !!! you cunning little grass cutter you.

  11. Let’s hope you live up to the reputation of The Terrible Twos ” Yappy Birthday “

  12. The Scottish law system is a feckin joke. In no other court room in the world (apart from norn Ireland) would they allow Gregory Campbell (or Lindsay Robb) to wear his hood !! pfft

    Happy 1503rd Mr Mower 🙂

  13. Well it could be worse, what if you were Nigel Worthlesston……. only a matter of time until the autographed bullets start flying his way.

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