An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 81   31 comments

31 responses to “An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 81

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  1. Compo Entry – The New Cast Members of Deadliest Catch Revealed


    Camilla says to Margaret Richtea ” Did you ever find that fallen Madonna with the big boobies?”

  2. lol Margaret Reichstag wery good but i still vouldn’t wote for her.

  3. Worthless could a done with a few Clichys at the back in Estonia. very funny too.

  4. Fella in Mags ear ” Charles enquired if one would like to be Camillas tampon tonight”
    Camilla points discreetly to the royal minge.
    Mags ” But, er, well……I’m…. actually….not….a……lesbian”
    Owen ” Hey, look at that flying pig”

    • If I was Mick Fealty, you’d get a red flag for that comment. Ahem.

      • One of the reasons I like this blog, because it’s not a Mick ‘each side is as bad as the other, except me, I’m smart and perfect and an alliance unionist mon(k)ey grabbing twat’ Fealty blog.
        Keep up the the good work Mr Mower.
        Fealty, you’re a prick.

      • Lets hear it for Mick ‘and I know, n i know, NIO’ Fealty.

      • A quick deposit of MF in the anagram generator may explain his lust to be noticed;


        or possibly he wants to court favour with the Ulster-Scots?

        KILT MY FACE

        but either way we have to take his musings with a pinch of NaCl;


  5. Maggot Richtea……………”Why is Captain Glum Chops not wearing his sash” ?…..” I’ll get a few floating unionist voters next election” (mostly in the harbour).

  6. Kilkeel’s Famous Five Prawn Stars – in “Pull Your Owen” , “Camilla does Camlough” & “Maggie May but I Doubt It”

  7. Typical you wait for months for a lawnmower and then two come along at once.
    Worth waiting for.

    • As opposed to resignations which are coming thick and fast. And none as thick as David Vance of ‘The Dangled Wab’ fame. He just couldn’t put up with the TUV’s moderate outlook.

  8. Photo sums her political life up perfectly, as usual Margaret is looking in the wrong direction. Still, she will now be able to concentrate on a new challenge …. the next Oddbootsman. Don’t you think? She will be a perfect replacement for Al ‘Be-seeing-you’ Hutchinson and will be much better at looking ‘in all the old familiar places’ at those old, hysterical cases which Al found so confusing.

    • Thomas, you and me gotta have a chat about the word, ‘caption’.

      Don’t know about Mags going for Al’s job, maybe she should try something completely new, like say……..Politics!

      • Mowerman you missunderstand. It wasn’t a caption, more an observation on why she didn’t see Pasty McGloon coming with the knife. Anyway I didn’t want to enter your aul competion.

      • In that case Thomas, I am happy to say you are the winner.

      • Hang on a minute what about me.

        Patterson-“I can see your house from here”
        Camilla-“Actually there all mine”

  9. Did anyone notice that in that really creepy article, The Dark Side, there is a really creepy thing happening with the blue writing? Did you see what you get when you read the blue writing backwards? Yes, you get, dog ean rorre. Isn’t that really creepy? Satanists the lot of them!

  10. Shirley none of the Gestapo interrogators were as scary as The Iron (Cross) Lady looks.?

    And I must say Camilla’s floatation devices are nearly a big as Stevie Wonders’ last week.!!!!!!!! (Imagine Mr L M making a boob like that.)

  11. vance had to go to make room in the Tuv for jim unWells.

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