An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 79 12thJuly Special   31 comments

31 responses to “An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 79 12thJuly Special

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  1. Don’t forget that old proverb ” Red Sky are Shite, but Nelson’s Delight “

  2. Great Game I would pay £19.16 for it. By the way what Number do you go to if your mate falls on you from the top of the bonfire ??

  3. With all the Pus traipsing across it daily what about “The Boil On The Foyle”

  4. I but is Ian’s car Red & White or White & Red that’s what I need to Know !

  5. I know,I know it’s Black

    • Was it not Henry Ford who said, ‘you can have any colour you want as long as it’s not them Tyrone Bastards’?

      Oh right, just remembered it was actually Henry Downey.

  6. You leave that poor Ian Mc Crea alone……he’s well able to Terry Fookwit himself on his own.

    Jeremy Clarkson
  7. Doesnt Garvagh bear a striking rseemblance to the cover of “The Stone Roses” Glad to see the lawnmower serviced and back at work thought the phone hacking scandal had taken you out.

  8. Yes I’m glad to see your back too………Now where did I put that Dagger !!!!

  9. Hoorah!!! The lawn mower is back at last, the grass was 8 feet high.

  10. The new bridge is long, narrow, twisted and completely pointless – How about “The Gregory Campbell Bridge”

    • Can only call it the Gregory Campbell Bridge if it sticks about for 20 years not doing much and then overnight, flits to Coleraine.

    • Someone didn’t like your suggestion Sam. Thanks for reading anyway Gregory, sorry about the whole ‘anus on your forehead’ thing.

  11. more

  12. what bout bridge over muddy water or rather muddled bridge over water?

    International Tilerist
  13. Well, if it spanned a much wider gulf, the Rebekah Brooks Bridge would seem appropriate, I’d personally prefer another contemporary name like Foyle Bridge 2 Return of the killer Foyle bridge, but I suspect some misanthropes out there would will it to be called The Euro-zone bridge to ensure it’s inevitable collapse.

    better late than always
    • I hear you, bloody misanthropes! Grrrr!

      I like your thinking, ‘The return of the Foyle Bridge, This Time It’s Financially Indefensible’

  14. Is there no chance of a “12th of July Riots Special”…… Ah isn’t great to have Pieces and Abnormality in our wee country.???????

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