An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 66   43 comments

43 responses to “An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 66

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  1. Thanks to bungle for his pope/lizard lookalike – excellent.

  2. Fantastic issue Mr Lawnmower. Bit of a cheat though copying and pasting the official wiki page.

  3. Speaking as a trampoline user I have to say it’s a great way of getting high, higher I mean, now that the head shops have gone down. No mention of Jim Corr! I know, I know; he’s a drummer, but as drummers go he’s better than the drummer in Westlife.

    • whats the difference between jim corr/westlife and a trampoline?
      You take your shoes off to jump on a trampoline!!!

      • Coincidentally, when playing with either Jim Corr or westlife, we advise you use a safety net.

      • GUFFAW! Jaysus you made me spit all over the monitor and in the middle of the toyshow … Tubridy has a big globbo all over him!

  4. Lose the Wikipedia page. I dont expect facts and historical accuracy from my weekly dose of ACL.

  5. Lenihan is telling Cowen a joke:

    Lenihan: Knock, Knock!
    Cowen: Who is there?
    Lenihan: The IMF
    Cowen: No, it’s not!

    And that is a lesson in modern Irish history

  6. Good to see the Lawnmower preventing the scarlet robed whore of the Tiber impregnating the sky!

  7. A new high for An Lawnmower.

    Just noticed the national anthem. 10/10.

  8. Tayto fun park sounds appeeling, suppose you won’t be allowed in without a jacket???

  9. I googled crystal swing, thanks a bunch for that!!!

    Sweet mother of Jesus that’s the worst thing I have ever witnessed. The mother is not real. God help Ireland.

    • Oh you beauty, Still if you are going to lose the Donegal SW By-Election to the Shinners, it does to have something to fall back on.

  10. Excellent stuff! ‘History of Ireland’, a journalistic gem. Next time you can do Wikileaks, and tell us how the Irish politicians, bankers, developers and lawyers have been having a leak all over the downtrodden masses. Bring back the Catholic Church!!!!!

  11. Is the location of the FF candidate, just above the ‘Rate This’ button, a sneaky way to get Brian O’Doldrum a few extra votes?

  12. It’s no wonder the Tiger died between mountin’ Lions and a diet of cheese n onion it didn’t stand a chance.
    If only they had Smokey Beckham,Salt N Lineker,Prawn Colleymore or Cheese N Owen It might still be alive.!!

  13. I asked me auld fella and he says cougars and mountain lions are the same thing and he should know.

    That makes you all liars.
    I’ll C U in court.

    david attenborough's freak son
  14. Well David Attenborough’s Freak Son and Lying B*****d are the same thing,I would ask my my auld fellow if I knew who he was, You’ll never C Court.! the (Ballybeen) Panthers will get you.

  15. And now for this weeks prize question:-
    What do Calcutta,Ballybeen & Arty Renny have in common???
    A years supply of Barium to the winner!!!

    Rings Around Uranus
  16. Brilliant love the wiki page on Ireland it actualy chhered me up. Still got tears in my eyes.

  17. Well done ACL you got it in the End, but I can’t help thinkin’ with friends like you who needs Enemas!!

    Rings Around Uranus
  18. I was thinking the Arty silence is deafening but then I remembered he talks outa his a**e anyway!!!

    Rings Around Uranus
  19. Only gettin’ round to reading this tonight and almost had a ‘Tena Lady Moment’!!! In future, please put a notice warning ladies of a certain age that they could actually pi** themselves laughing while bent two-double in ‘high-stair-icks’!!! Beezer edition!!!

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