An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 65   30 comments

30 responses to “An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 65

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  1. wow issue 65 appeared just \as i was checking in to see if it was there. Havnt read it yet but i just want to be first to comment lol!!!

    • 11 minutes maarsha, that has to be a record!

      No need to actually read it, I can assure you it’s riproaringly hilarious but meekly modest as usual.

      You didn’t even give me time to thank Tommyofthehorses for his cliffhanger story.

  2. I suspect that Gerry is coming South to help create a new child protection bill. After all Irish politicians are renowned for looking after their family’s interests.

  3. That Royal Wedding article is one of the best pisstakes I’ve ever read anywhere, well done sir.

    Now I have to go Children In Need is on!

  4. That is how Gerry can be certain of being elected: Thell the electorate that if they do not vote for him, SF will let Catriona stand next time! I would vote for them to stop that!

    • I heard Gerry commenting on his chances he said wuurrr guurrr nurrrr wurrr gurrr. cant argue with that!!!

      • You are changing what he said to suit your own biased political agenda bungle, what Gerry actually said was, ‘guurrr nurrr gurrr wurrr’.

  5. Class !!

  6. The Happy Couple story reminds me of something the Late Kiljoy Slick once said “they’ve got to decide weather to SHARE or to SHAFT!!” (what’da you mean the fooker’s not dead)

    • Isn’t it great; A Royal Wedding, A Recession, shit children in need? All we need is the Miners on strike and the 80s revival is complete.

  7. I also hope you are not insinuating that the Great Slur Terry Woeful is anything other than genuinely the best (wave my normal fee my arse!) presenter money can buy !!!!!!!

    • Well I’ve studied your comment, weighed up your accusation, thought about it in a rational and balanced fashion and the upshot is…yes, he’s a knob.

      Fagan (see arty)
      Megane (Reanult)
      Ouvenhagel (Wendy)
      Queegan (Ballyma)

      Don’t trust any of them. And why should I?

  8. I like your Oliver twist.Very artful. Bullseye!

  9. For anyone who cares, this is the 999th comment since the lawnmower began.

    Come on people, who’s going to get our C1K up?

  10. I’ll send an S.O.S (sack of shit) to the world, “Malice In A Bucket” (words by PSNI)

  11. Miners on strike!!! sure they’ve been lying on their holes underground for weeks doin’ feck all

  12. Terrible comment by Ollie, I love it! And yes, Daly yearly is an abomination. As is the fact that they have never got cosmetic surgery for that bear’s eye.

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