An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 60   32 comments

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  1. Yes, the team of part-timers managed a draw and the Pharohs didn’t do badly either.

    Who’d have thought a man born in Belfast could have managed such a result. Well done Brian Ker Johannson!

    It’ll teach Wartyhun to stop whaling and blubberin’. Filleted.

  2. Bravo Mr Lawnmower.
    Fantastic issue.

  3. RIP Jim (never realised that was his first name tbh)

    From the early days with Pamela Ballentine I believe.

  4. mrL, you know I am a huge fan of the windblower but that thing swinging between jim Roger’s hind legs is the most unconvincing photoshopped scrotum i’ve seen in years. It looks more like a yankee candle!

    that aside great issue again.

    • Windblower! Brilliant! But just exactly how many photoshopped scrotae have you seen in recent years and more to the point, why? (Does look like a candle, I’ll give you that)

      • Interesting take on the Jim Rodgers story. On the ball(bag)as usual

      • Now ‘Seamus Mac Ruairi agus a mhala laithroid’, that would be an interesting take.

        Maybe Artimus could tidy that up.

      • Even i figuered this one out!!

      • That would be ‘mála magairlí’ or if you want to be anal about it ‘cadairne’=scrot. You could indeed get a slap ‘sna clocha’ or as I once overhead in Tír Chonaill ‘sna prátaí’. De Bhaldraithe[1958], referencing ‘Mo Bhóidín Mór'[1892], suggests that if the said slap is applied with great force to the nether regions of a Jim Rodgers, it is colloquially termed ‘sna oráistí dubha’.

      • Oooh, a dig in the de bhaldraithe…sounds sore.

  5. Apparentlly the Faroe fans started singing The White Cliffs Of Dover to the Nordie fans “Whale meat again….” Those half time pies were tasty Pukea Pukea!!

    I’m I mistaken or is Dim Rodgers chuggin’ on his chain and what is that woman doin’ inside his right testicle

  6. Is that one of he Red Hat Chilie Miners hugging the President you know they pulled them out Juan by Juan!! (gets coat hat boots etc)

    • Red Hat Chile Miners I like! Juan by Juan, well you know what you’ve done yourself.

      If we had sound on that image you could hear him asking the President,

      ‘Is it true, is it really true, did Coleraine really win the Derry Championship?’

    • RHCM, thats pretty sharp I have to admit.

  7. I never saw as many happy miners since Michael Jackson died. (Stolen joke)

  8. You shouldnt laugh at the easter eggs robbers i heard they maul teasers.

    Another class issue.

  9. Crackin’ edition especially the egg feature! Red Hot Chillie Miners – you should let Nelson know about this unique find as he maybe interested in booking them for his next Ulster Scots concert/display where they could do a double act with the Red Hot Chillie Pipers? Given that he has to dig really, really deep to find appropriate acts to represent and resurrect 300 years of this so-called language/dialect/culture – culture as in the blue mould! Too much information/clarity on the Jim Bob crunchy nut serial – let this be the last episode we hear of long-running serial. The redundant Raithin Islander Electoral Officer shouldn’t feel too bad about his dismissal as he has a least 20 other part-time jods to be doing for HRH’s Government!!!

    • Given they spent a couple of months in a remote black hole, I’d guess Nelson has already issued them with a cultural grant.

    • oh behalf of the good decent people of Meath & my inlaws I’d like to point out that it’s a good jod they nailed that “heuya” for stealing the Easter eggs.
      Mr Mower, I suggest a name change to An Cruiskeen Lawnmower Encyclopedia. Where else would you get so many interesting facts including a free anatomy lesson as gaeilge?

  10. Best issue in ages except for martys bum thumb -arghhhhh!!!! – they kept the easer egg thing quite, not a ‘ripple’ about it in the press!!

  11. Bum thumb? That’s poetry in my book.

  12. Nice to see Marty confirm that the PSNI didn’t lay a finger on Duffy. Poor Lorraine, having been Rodgered is now known as Miss MarshMallon.

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