An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 38   16 comments

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  1. A nod to obhoy for his ‘Alf’ gag and to Michael for his Seinfeld observations.

  2. I just wikied Clarke and Best. One was in pentonville prison at Christmas 1884 and the other was in pentonville prison at Christmas 1984!!! Mad. Great interview with Richie.

    • One died by the River Liffey, the other from an iffy liver! Should have used that line in the article really.

      • Very good Indeed, if not in very good taste. Definately the basis for a joke.

        Billy Shake Spears
      • “Iffy Liver” lol. Mmmm Tomas Clarke and Georgie Best, one was a member of a violent organisation hated throughout britain with next to no support in England while the other was in the IRA.

  3. Yea that interview with Richtea really takes the biscuit

  4. Not sure where you’re going with that Tom Clarke facial hair theme though !!!

  5. Now that it is all over we get to see the significance of the Big Issues in this election, Sir Rarely Employed will be selling them.

    Thomas Equinus
  6. Vintage lawn mowering, was looking forward to it since i heard peter had lost his seat, class stuff sir. Took me a while to get the single finger-count in fermanagh s tyrone. lol.

  7.’s done it once more. Incredible article.

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