An Cruiskeen Lawnmower -Issue 37   13 comments

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  1. Another balanced attack. Keep up the good work. I like the new theme, boobs in the last two issues. In the interest of balance can I suggest you check out Kaye Kilpatrick for your next edition. A North Down, TUV cracker.

    • Ah, she’s no Pauline Armitage!

      • Maybe not but she’s well up for a bit of satire.

        “From the experience of Northern Ireland we will resist ‘political solutions’ which betray the sacrifices of our troops. We’ve seen enough reward locally for terrorists to be determined opponents of buy-offs and sops to the Taliban and Iraqi insurgents”. Cute Kilpatrick

      • If you’re on their site, check out Jim’s twitter, he was canvassing in Bushmills last week but says he couldn’t find Junior or Seymour.

  2. France-West tyrone thats uncanny. Blocking our traditional roots lmao.

  3. Can we have a break down of the figures for Ballykeel 1 and Ballykeel 2?

    If you check out the link below you might find that infidel Tyrone carrot top has a point

    • I can give you the figures for breakdowns in Ballykeel if you want.

      • Prove you are really from Ballymena, translate this sentence;

        I scanned the hoop on the sham’s donor and he went reely, truth.

  4. Brilliant Arthur (may I call yor Artie?) and Sammy (may I call you Craftie?). Only one way to rate this, 0-0.

    Thomas Equinus

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