An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 39   15 comments

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  1. No Thomas, I thought of the big issue gag before you wrote it down, I just didn’t use it because it wasn’t funny last week. This week however, it’s hilarious.

    • Am I bovered? I can happily sit on the sanctified moral high ground. And talking about the Agricultural Show at Immoral: Bull to Prince ‘Watch it meaty. Hail Mary won the Decatholic event in the Olimpics and the Deprotestant event in the Commonhealth games.

  2. CHARLES – Uncle Louis had one of these.
    MAN – What a bull?
    CHARLES – No, an eight year old boy.

    Great blog by the way.

  3. I’d have thought the Aviva looked more like a fancy modern bed pan than a toilet seat.

  4. what would you expect sure doesnt campbell mean crooked mouth?

    love the aviva loo seat, someone should market it.

  5. Charles ” Camilla nose rings are so last year”

  6. The cow says, ‘And they have the cheek to call it bullshit?’

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