An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 36   15 comments

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  1. Ye were a bit too gentle on Ritchie – she was brutal.

    • I’d suggest a closer look at the x axis and what they were being marked on Bungle.
      Congrats to the stats dept yet again Mr Lawnmower. They sure know how to crunch numbers (and possibly egos)

      • Ther’e a bit of controversy at Gerry pipping her for the ‘lying through grey beard’ category.

  2. Ive seen some sickass stuff on internet in my time but nothing as bad as arlene foster in a bikini!!!
    Martin and Iris in that photie priceless lol.

    • You didn’t see our ‘Diane Dodds Full Frontal Exclusive’ then? Let’s just say McCrea isn’t the only wee willie in the DUP.

  3. Poor Richtea got dipped. Will she seek help from the Burns unit?

    More graphs please.

    • No, clearly she was rushed to Accident and Emergency. She actually came fifth.

      (You’re at the biscuit thing again aren’t you?)

  4. Very funny, especially the graph. Ritchie was very poor.

    • Writing in today’s Times, Samantha Fox said she believed Margaret came over very well! Thanks for your comment. Hang on, isn’t ‘Peg’ short for Margaret? Oh, just seen the ‘left’ bit.

  5. I bet you didn’t get past page 3 of the Times!!

  6. Oh by the way nice photie of Hanonmyball Lecher!!!

    • Actually, to be honest, we imposed the mask on his face. I know, I know, like a pornographic picture of Arlene is one thing but an uncensored image of Jim’s entire face? That would be too much even for us.

  7. Very good, funny.

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