An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 21   35 comments

35 responses to “An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 21

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  1. Outstandingly funny. Are you an Iris or Peter fan?

  2. lol i’ve been waiting for this all weekend and it doesn’t disappoint. Pure Class!!!

  3. Been waiting for this since the news broke. Class.

  4. With all these revelations, you’re giving the Iris News a fair run for its money this week Mr Mower.

  5. A Beezer, best yet, but what took you so long???!!!

  6. Liked Banannanaman reference to ‘Iris News’- another wag like your good self!

  7. Mate “Would ya look at the mochas on that. Wanna share ?”
    Kirk “No worries. I’m having the pie.”

  8. Quality

  9. “Better Latte than Beaver”

  10. I want to donate my 1st prize to the Strangford support group for fall’n Wemen

  11. Kirk’s mate, “Come to the Lock-keeper’s where the crack is ninety”

    Kirk, “But it doesn’t look a day over sixty”

    Sorry, old joke.

  12. I’m sensing a bit of cynicism here… very good! 😉

  13. The Coffee, Cafe and fallen weemen comments are brilliant but a bit anxious that some of the contributers including the author are on the cusp of developing pun-itis like Shaggy, Rodney or Del Boy, you know who I’m talking about…right!!!

    • Don’t you mean pun-iris?

      • Right Banana-Man you cheeky little monkey, my reference to punitis was a serious health warning. Given that the former Chair of the Norn Iron Assembly Health Committee has suffered an abdominal paediatic encounter, it’s a bit too much to score PR points at this very ‘you-couldn’t-make-it-up’ situation.
        Psycho B

  14. Jeepers. There’s no need for the Anne & B parts to some names!

  15. Hey you two, get a room! lol

    • Wind yer neck in maarsha, she was only lookin’ clarification of the comment, not a guarantee to secure the contract for the ‘Cock Leepers’ Cafe in the next round of tendering by the Ray Castle Borough Council and use it as a room as you suggested

  16. Great blog and this is the best one yet.

  17. King William Shatner.WHAT A DISTURBING PIC.

  18. Did I win the caption comp ?? Where do I pick up my £25000 ? Do I have to break in to get it ??

    Hugh Jordan Scumbag Bhoyo
    • You did indeed, first and second prize both. I have sent it to Jim McDowell, suggest you see him about it, I saw him outside the City Hall a while back.


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