An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 76   34 comments

34 responses to “An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 76

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  1. And before anyone asks, I was just innocently skimming through the pages of when I saw your man and said to myself, ‘Is that not that bloke Harbinson?’

  2. Great stuff! Photographs in particular this week are in another league. HRM is right on the money. Hugh Culling the Brits with his bat, outstanding. Our Davey Tremble, statesmanlike and independent, as we have never known him. Big Frank, right on our Mark, or soon will be. Right up his Stoneyford. And all the while Jim Larkin checks to see if it has started raining real tears in O’Connell Street. Great stuff!

  3. I so hope they do send Trimble to Libya. I really do.

  4. Quality sir quality.

    Looks like harbinson will be on “soapwatch” for some time yet.

    • Yes qwerty, having protested that the lodge got to walk on the main road for years, Mark will now be forced to take the back alley.

  5. I have had experence of dat harbison c..t and i hope they put him in da same cell with da killer dentist and he pulls all da bastards teeth thank u for making him look like a complete tit like wat he is.

    • His teeth mightn’t be the body part Mark is most nervous about having pulled by his cell mate Vincent.

      Glad his fall from grace has cheered you up.

  6. Dont know which is more frightning Mark H’s centre fold or Davey Thimble in the funny hat. Strike that it definetely trimble!!!!!

  7. As of this week Im a cricket fanatic dont know why i never thought of it before when it is in the rules that supporters have to drink for five days.

    • Sorry to be so pedantic Bungle, but you will have to put the pint glass down early, it was only a one day match.

      • OK so ive been found out but we still get to drink for 5 days right???

      • Ah Ireland, the land of saints and left arm medium fast bowlers.

        Oh and a comma before the word ‘but’ Thomas and you expect to be taken seriously? Tut! Tut!

    • Yeah. The whole thing smacks of a cunning Anglo-Irish agreement (NOT bank – I said cunning) to
      1. Revive Diageo’s flagging sales
      2. Get all the hurlers out of Croke & over to Lords
      I love the statuette. Best one I’ve seen in about a centuary.

  8. How dare you criticise alban and johnathan. Thats like something the nazzis would do,

  9. love this weeks edition of Das Wenig jug Rasenmäher

  10. Fianna fail are gone hurrah!!! Fine Gael are here Booooo!!!

    I suspect you are a FG sympathiser the way you edited Enda’s speech to make more sense.

  11. Why not parashit Rabbi Trimble into Bens Khazi !!!

  12. That’s not Black Mark Harass-us-son its Phil Jupitus relaxing after a rather strenuous episode of Never Mind The CockBuzzers.!!!

  13. If it’s not Phil Jup then Berlusconi has put on a bit weight since last week.!!

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