An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 75   44 comments

44 responses to “An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 75

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  1. If you have ever seen any other World Leader doing impressions of former snooker players, then we’d like to hear about it.

  2. No alster scats fects ??

    Thon Isue tis weeker sham.

    • Am pure fected oot, Ah hainy goot nay mare.

      If inny of yous boadies care till make yin oop an haymail till me. a’ll soon stick er oop.

  3. What’s that looney tune Gadaffi Duck is playing on Mickey Mouse’s organ?

  4. One of the best lawn mowers ever – gadaffi and dennis taylor is surreal.

  5. The difference between Willy Frazer and Gaddaffi is that some people still take Gaddaffi seriously!!!

  6. uerethra hassan lol

    • Have to say how disappointed I was about your attacks on Ms Hassan. She deserves a fair trial and when justice has taken its course, 40 years seems about reasonable these days, then you can call Matt Bigot to sort her.

  7. Watched the prog. on Mrs.Pisspipe Hassle O.B.E (Obnoxious Barefaced Embezzler) she’s obviously a VICTIM of her own success.Let’s start a group for her we’ll call it L.y.n.c.h. M.o.b.

    • Good idea, and as it’s Ireland, the first item on the agenda is of course, the split.

      I propose ‘Son of Lynch Mob’ or as gaeilge, ‘MacGlinchey’s Mob’. How could it fail?

  8. Big Bill Werbeniuk
    Both needed 10 pints before preforming

    • We sort of wanted serious politicians who look like snooker players Hugh.

      You’re just making a big joke of the whole thing.

  9. Why wont my comment post?


    Alex Higgins hiding out at the same holiday camp as Colonel Gaddafi

  11. Below, Steve Davis
    No one does blank expression like him!!

  12. Take a look at your photo of Al ‘Capone’ Hutch and tell me he isn’t a half brother (bastard of course) of Martin ‘Matrimony’ McGuinness.

  13. Porter filled humour late at night is not just as funny in the broad daylight – I’m glad you couldn’t open that 1st link.
    So here is one of Berlusconi instead.

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