An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 74   27 comments

27 responses to “An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 74

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  1. Is the peacemaker fitted to our Ian any connection to Gerry and the Peacemakers? You know that Gerry who moved to Lout with his Peacemakers? Could this mean they have fitted up our Ian with a wee Fenian? Hope they remembered to install those Neverreadies.

  2. Paisley, Ahern and a single shot rifle. Decisions, decisions!!!

  3. “Charlie dont surf” Gagging here!

    I love the smell of fiana fail being obliterated in the morning.

  4. a gay sauna i could handle but a farmer in the sauna playing the banjo is way to much.

  5. is the bloke on the left doing a hitlar salute and wearing a poppy? good grief.

  6. Now I know what a “gay sauna” looks like, no matter where you look you see wood.

  7. And nice to see Iris back behind the wheel again. Has she lost a bit of weight?

  8. Just shows how much RIP (Rev Ian Pacemaker) disliked Ireland when he didn’t take the gun and blow the head off that lying, thieving,conniving little toe-rag, he probably realised “give him enough rope”!! and he’ll hang us all out to dry.

  9. “Your’e not singing any more” not easy when those “Wonderful,Fun-loving,Anti-Sec,Nor Iron fans” are up to their necks in Fenian Blood.

  10. Is it any wonder Zebedee had a spring in his step, he got to go to bed with Florence every night before the Six O Clock News. But I always thought that Brian was a bit slow!!! Mr Rusty was Obviously a Pedo “wan’ta ride my round-a-bout” Right!!! “Boing” Time for bed Florence.!!

  11. The yoyos are class look so well with the burberry hat.

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