An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 73   35 comments

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  1. Congratulations to Hugh Garce who watched the entirity of the Scotland V NI game and found something to laugh at, other than the score.

  2. no matter who wins the election the headline in every paper the next day should be_ those that can, do and those that cant, toaiseach. Brilliant. God save us from them all.

  3. Where did Trimble get the nice checked coat?

  4. Dam dissidents keeping the cycle of violence going!!! (Gets BMX)

  5. That’s a Goddam lie Mr Mower I only watched the Lowlights program later
    Are the Ostrich and Enda(story) looking for Peter’s Mole???

  6. What about the Fifty Metre Dash, Main Street Jonesborough
    Lobbing the Brick Batt, The Square Crossmaglen
    Fencing, along the Border
    IDE recycling, Gobnascale Velodrome
    Beach Volleyball, Barna Strand

  7. Gregory Campbell has quite a cheek-well 2 of them to be acurate.

  8. Congratulations on the nomination for the Irish Blog Awards Mr Lawnmower.

    Best of luck.

    • Thanks OB, you know it’s amazing the rewards one gets for a year of hard work and a couple of late night housecalls tooled up with a baseball bat.


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