An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 72   28 comments

28 responses to “An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 72

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  1. Ireland = 20 Carrolls, that’s Arty’s joke that is!

  2. Manic!!! What is that nutcase Tribbles like with the beard? It’s the despondent face on the other haired punter beside him I like best.

  3. Question is, who’ll go down quicker, Iris or Newcastle Utd ?

    • Hard to say, one’s usually black and white, the other often black and blue..allegedly…no scrub that….actually. But mostly black.

      • Hay Grasscutter, leave the poor Pool men alone, they can’t help it if they are genetically predisposed to moaning, its the Paddy in them.

        By the way, there was a rumour at one time that Iris went down in front of the Kop.

      • Ouch! Were you Spion on her?

    • NU’s youth policy has paid dividends for them but Iris’s didn’t so my money is on her.

      Apart from the 5 grand she demanded for herself.

  4. that has to be peter robinson’s mole in the middle of mr miagis headband no?

  5. This subliminal stuff is good, SS Nomadic …’in a poor state’… that will be N Ireland. And the old unasked question trick, if the Nomadic took only the first and second class passengers out to the Titanic how did the poor croppie boys in third class and steerage get on board? Answer on an iceberg to the Mower please.

    • They used Kate Winslett’s nose as a bridge I believe.

      • Kate Middleton’s , I believe, according to the Telegraph which I read religiously/regularly (I always get those 2 r’s mixed up ,partcularly, when I’m lying.)

        *sniffles in a vain attempt to avoid embarrassment at the shallowness of my comment.

      • I saw Titanic and Kate definitely went down in it (but she survived)only for the bloody ship to sink I wasn’t expecting that!!!!! (and neither was Leo DiCaprio)

      • Fair to say they didn’t use Kate Moss’s nose, bound to be an unstable structure at this stage.

  6. Just confirms my suspicions that some of those cuntstables on bikes are dope peddler’s

  7. Photo looks pretty much like a normal piece of Female parking to me, except the car actually ended up parallel to the kerb !!! (CONTROVERSIAL?-NO) “You Can’t Handle the truth”

    • What a despicable chauvinist attitude and I’m sure the wife will agree….when I allow her her allotted 15 minutes online per day.

  8. I think Davey (Dancing In The Streets) Tremble could give Gerry a run for his money with that Louthy Beard (DT for TD)

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