An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 70   31 comments

31 responses to “An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 70

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  1. Where has the lawn mower been? Thought you had maybe died of thirst during the big freeze. Worth waiting for in the end ****issue. Am guessin nil go deo is funny?

  2. Niaomi doesn’t look like she up for a snog!!! he looks like he’s looking to see if she has a mole like his. come to think of it where was perters mole this week?

  3. yea i missed my weekly grass cutting too/

  4. Good stuff! It’s great to be back to abnormal. Point of clarification; when was Conor Murphy on Broadway?

    • Actually he wrote and starred in his own production of the story of how he helped Minister Kelly to escape from the kesh….Gerry Springer, The Musical.

  5. Lawrence looks like he’s had his minimum package severed all right, if only he had spotted the lines of Coke on the glass behind him the crack would’ve been different. He’ll probably go back to his old job “Hey Lawrence a pint of Harp and a packet of Dates please!!!”

  6. Glad you are back online, there are few enough of us left. Keep up the good work but be advised, too many photos like the snogging duo and they will shut you down.

    • Incredible I know Jules but your wee box is exactly the same as our own Thos Equines. It’s a mad world.

      Well it was a while ago.

  7. She might not wanna snog but Naomi didn’t mind grabbing Peter’s Seat!!! “The Long Kiss(Your MPs Salary)Goodnight”

  8. So, did the commission own or rent the plastic jugs?

    I thought it was a reasonable query.

  9. Welcome back Mister Lawnmower, Neil Lennon shouldn’t be too upset, Woy Hodgson had half a million on his page.

  10. You do realise that if you publish anything that Ó Caoláin says that Cowen will not sue you either. Don’t be careful now.

    • Thanks Arty, will have to be very careful not to say anything like they are a bunch of bare-faced thieves who are trying to bleed the nation of every penny before they are catapulted into oblivion and forced to survive on €300k platinum handshakes and €100k+ annual pensions paid for by the bankrupted citizens who entrusted them with the country’s finances. Is that the sort of thing I should avoid?

  11. I know I might be stating The Bleedin’ Obvious but someone has been sic (sic) all over one of your articles.

    • Judging by their grasp of spelling and punctuation, I’d say it’s terminal.

    • So Mr. Henry was an ulster scot by virtue of the fact that his mother was from Scotland. Mmmmm!

      Are those spelling mistakes or is it actually correctly spelt ulster scots?

      And lastly, has no-one told them about this blog yet so that they can do a little remedial on it?

      • That’s nothing Light, they’ve had a go at claiming Thomas Edison and Alexander Solzhenitsyn!

        Solzhenitsyn of course being of pure Anglo-Hiberno stock.

  12. Collector’s Edition this.

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