An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 68   27 comments

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  1. Apology – In one of this week’s articles, we inadvertently described John Laird as ‘Lord Laird of Artyrenny’. This should of course have been ‘Artigarvan’. Our sincerest apologies to all the inhabitants of that Tyrone village, they have it hard enough without us making it worse.

  2. Fairytale of new mossley brilliant pissing myself here seriously

  3. Aha throwing good money after bad i get it now!!!

  4. great blog, loadsof laughs thank you.

  5. Half a million Christmas cards, posted in Co Fermanagh, to GAA fans. Oh Tom Elliot you’re a shockin man, but you didn’t need to steal the addresses. (Mowerman beware! I think it’s a Robinson attack, there are hundreds of white black spots floating across you pages.)

  6. Heating up Lord Lard seems a jolly seasonal idea, serve him up with a Chateau Carrickfergus and a rendition of, ‘I’m Dreamin O a Slight Crispness.’

  7. Paisley the late-ex leader – very good, very good indeed. The big man was no puppet but theres a few in the dup who, allegedly quite like having someone’s hand up their arse, excuse my ulster scots.

  8. lenihans dandruff is getting really bad its floating all over the lawnmower!!!

  9. Those ‘Tree Fellers’ in Bessbrook were just gettin’ the bonfire (of vanities)ready for Laird Lard of Artysanus

  10. I’ll get my Fleece !!!

  11. FAIR point.

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