An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 64   31 comments

31 responses to “An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 64

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  1. I’m voting big Cliff Lazarenko. Double Tops for Mc Brearty.

  2. Mc Brearty has piled on the weight since his last appearance in the Dáil

  3. Thanks for posting that picture of Jackie and Lizzie. Up until now I had thought Lizzie was just Jackie’s drag act.

  4. when I heard Maggie Tharitchie was going to wear a poppy I knew it would be in the next lawncuttings.

  5. O and the futures blight the futures orange I like a lot. Now if I were a Rangers fan I’d have a fieldday with that!

  6. Excuse my dutch but how the fuck was Robert Praeger an Ulster scot? His da was from Holland and he lived most of his life in Dublin and is buried there too!!

  7. funny glad to see everythings sorted out at home. Who or What is McBrearty??? Its ok i know really, just in denial!!!

  8. Yes close the stormont canteen theve been on the gravey train too long already ha ha!!!

    • Peter: I’ll have the steak

      Waiter: What about the vegetables?

      Peter: They will also be stealing jokes from Spittin Image!

  9. Jim Wells Farrago is cool about the situation in Aughnacloy, ‘If those folk are ogling a herring they must love their nature and that’s ok by me.’ You have to love Jim, he’s such an earth mother……

  10. Instructions for pissing on the graves of those who died for your freedom:

    Waiet until lots of people are watching/
    Take it out a month before you need to go and flaunt it/
    Piss on the graves/
    Shake hard/
    Wash your hands of any responsibility/
    And lastly-Use the paper flowers provided!

    Wear your white poppy with pride!

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