An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 58   25 comments

25 responses to “An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 58

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  1. Jeez Gillespie is definately off his face, coke I’d [allegedly] say. But then again he does play for Glentoran.Whats with the mini lawn mower this week?

  2. I think it’s a low blow picking on poor “Tiger’s Got Wood”. He apparently has contacted Wean Rooney and Huge Grant for advice. They told him to try another sport so Tiger going to try sailing he has got a nice little Galway Hooker picked out already!!!

  3. Looks like someone has just told Keef that ROY is his Da!!!!

  4. Yes Bungle I thought this was the time of year to stop! cutting The Lawn (we want mower)

  5. And while I’m on the subject why is there never a Page 3, your loyal readers can’t wait for another Iris Expose

  6. Now that is interesting! Fect No. 8 reminds me oh another oh those MacDonalds namely Surly Boy and his younger brother Slightly Roundy Boy, both of whom it is alleged had their way with a Big Biddy Bisset. But maybe it’s a different Bisset altogether.

  7. Oh and by the way, just heard that Sir Robbertie Ahern has been uninvited/disinvited to Cashel.

    It woz the Lawnmower what won it! Probably.

  8. @ Sam

    Funnily that was an unintentional reference to the posterior. I’ll stop it now. You’re absolutely correctum.

  9. And Arty has the audacity to criticize our very Punny French Brother. Try rearrangeing these words Black Calling Kettle The Pot The, Mister Renny!!!

  10. Imagine the row if tigers teammates had put on black curley wigs to cheer him up!!!!!!

  11. Tried to give the mower a 1 star rating. I can understand a 1 page edition over the 12th, but there has been no mandatory 2 week holiday period to cover this 1 page edition !!
    Not good enough.

    ps. What comes after 2 ??

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