An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 56   27 comments

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  1. Thanks to PT for pointing out the trouble Nigel was having with P&Ope Ferries.

  2. I suppose if someone had seen a huge blimp covered in writing hovering over HMP MAZE, they would simply have assumed it was Michael Stone.

    Very enjoyable edition, pity you have dishonestly tried to pass Alastair Darling’s eyebrow off as a woolly caterpillar.

  3. And heres me thinking lots of Martys comrades are funny boggers.

    I’m loving the Billy Wiped blimp. Cracker team of photographers employed by the Mower.

  4. what you reckon Mcwilliam’s ordered for his dinner – sausage and snips?

  5. I had been hoping that it would be Ahmadinejad who would take care of Tyrone. Ah well, hope is eternal.

  6. The photie of Crip’s dinner is obviously fake those are never .38 brussel sprouts

  7. I also heard Willie Fiddler on Radio Ulser saying “at the risk of me blowing my own trumpet” well He’s the only being on the planet that would. Excuse me now while I be violently sick !!!!!

  8. It looks like Crip got good a stuffing that day too with baton carrots and roast scuds and a clip on the side.

    Could the £800,000 have gone on FAIR’s exploratory space program ‘The Farl in the Barl’ as exclusively revealed in Issue 26 of this august publication. Me thinks you dropped the ball on this exclusive.

  9. Poor Nigel – an ageing team who are no longer the force they were in Europe -but they still pull a bigger crowd than Rangers.

  10. Best edition yet! You hit all my favourite targets (except Barry McHellduffer). Always wanted to see Brian over the bar. The Rat headline is the best headline since, Super Cally Go Ballistic, Celtic Are Atrocious.(And I defy any blogger to say otherwise.)

    • Are you suggesting that all the other editions were inferior?

      Thanks re the headline, our editorial team argued for hours over ‘stinking ship’ or stinking shit’.


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