An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 54   21 comments

21 responses to “An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 54

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  1. I dont know why the are worried about dodgy car parts in Armagh. The people of Donegal have been driving without brakes for years. Never does them any harm.

  2. Many thanks to all those who contributed to and passed on last week’s ‘Best Of’ Issue which broke all our existing records for visits.

  3. Hague is clearly showing his assisstant how to play the tin whistle and its a disgrace for you to imply otherwise!!

  4. Is the Hague telling us how ‘big’ an impact Crispsfor Myarse had as a special advisor?

  5. Conservatives – Time for change!!! The signs were there when you think about it!!!

  6. Surely it’s a No-Brainer Barry Gilligan needs look no further than his fellow “GANGSTER IN LAW” John Gilligan for a glowing character reference!!!! (Maybe Character Assassination would be more appropriate)

  7. I know it was probably for Paul Berry’s benefit (an avid reader I’m sure) but did we really need 3 Picts. of William Vague.!!

  8. By the look of that new show on BBC , William Castlecaufield, comedian allegedly, is even less funnier than Willie Drennan or Willie Frazer. Mind you , they weren’t trying to be. Turn your ire on him immediately and the BBC might pull his show too.

    • That is me, they had a few quid left over from making ‘Jackie’s the Boy’ and asked me to do a bit of stand up.

  9. Mock not the afflicted and be Fair to Mr W Frazer. Himself alone has managed to squeeze £2,000,000 out of Conenell Getdafter for everyone of us in the Province so he has.

  10. could you please warn us in future if your going to publish uncensored pictures of ronnie flannagan?

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