An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 53   28 comments

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  1. Many thanks to everyone who went to the trouble of making a special request for the best of edition. I think I managed to get them all plus one of my own favourites in but it took 5 pages.

    Thanks to Arty Renny, OhBhoy, maarsha, dominic, Thomas Equines, ROAPS, dkens, shane00, lightsaber, criminalintent, francis, paulMc, bananaman, gruffalo and the hedge. Sorry if I missed anyone.

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  3. I just wet myself!

  4. Bliain amháin ag fás…..Go maire an blaigín go deireadh na mblaigíní

    Those cheeky little riverdance ringlets…Ah, Mary Kate, and the way she might look at ye ………… through crosshairs.

  5. That was the best 15 minutes I’ve spent in ages, going to forward it to everyone I know. I want wackapope now!!!

  6. This wouls make a great book for xmas time= cruiskeens almanac, you should publish it.

  7. That kinda looks like me in the fake passport. Oops, what have I done now?

  8. Some of my favs in there great choice. hope for lots more in the future.

    • Thanks, your and other’s comments have added greatly to the site. Loads of people tell me it’s their favourite part. Not sure how to take that.

  9. Class!

  10. Nothin beats “pointless graphs” i thought we were getting the broad black brimmer one?

  11. Excellent! My only regret is the part played by the Lawnmower in ending Wee Willie Drivel’s TV career. Wee crater.

  12. Surely for this type of publication it should be “The Worst Of” edition?!?!?! Keep on doing it in the “Worst Possible Taste” !!

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