An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 50   36 comments

36 responses to “An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 50

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  1. Many thanks to my 3rd favourite Ulster-Scot for bringing the ‘Tyre Line-Up’ to my attention.

  2. How to I get a place on one of these summer schools? Anything which involves blind hatred sounds good to me.

  3. I have Govenor walkers bra and i aint giving it back.

    Galliagh Scumball
  4. Good GS, get it off your chest.

    Hang on a minute, you claim to be from Galliagh and yet you can write a sentence? Suspicious!

  5. Congrats on 50 issues and still going strong.

    That attack on the statue was just a bit of armless fun and very humerous.

    • Are you having a lamh?

      • Class. I have to hand it to you.

      • HA HA cant wait till tell Pamela all about it tonight.

      • Okay, stop right there and move away from the ‘hand’ references. I know what’ll happen, only a matter of time before someone says it was a good job or that the vandals made a decent fist of it and I won’t allow you to drag the lawnmower down to such a level….that’s my job.

  6. And I second the congratulations on your half century mr lawnmower, look forward to the next 50.

  7. Why has someone shot rory mcilroy in the chin with a chlds arrow?

  8. caption: man with placard is asking older man “Is that Ken Maginnes on your chin”?

  9. The Fools The Fools do they not realise it’s “Art” part of the City Of Cultmanure celebrations Entitled The Penis De Milo. Yes they kept pretty quiet about the appendage that was added to Governor Wa*kers Statue

  10. Caption Comp. P.P.P. = Portglenone Palestinian Pyrotechnics

  11. Caption Comp – I don’t know who those two are but the one in the middle is definitely one of The Dubliners.

  12. Congrats on your 50th. Keep up the good work. Great statue of Martina Anderson (She sure aint a sister of Pamela.) Loved the Summer Skeem. Keep tossing your McCausland!

  13. 50 I must say you look it !!!

  14. The Derek Davis bit reminds me of the time a friend used to work in a Petrol Station.
    Every Sunday Derek would pull in for his petrol and other items on his way to a walk in the Dublin Mountains.
    Problem was Every Sunday Derek would pull in to use the facilities on his way back from a walk in the Dublin Mountains.
    He stank the place out regularly , even the smell of fresh brewed coffee wouldn’t rid the place of the stink.
    Got to a stage where they had to tell him that the toilets were out of order.

  15. Didn’t see that particular episode of Davis At Large, thanks be.


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