An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 49   17 comments

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  1. Last week’s caption competition was won by a bloke what I met in a bar with the caption,

    ‘Let me win or I’m going to blow your kneecaps off!’

    So congratulations to him and best wishes at secondary school.

  2. nother great issue. love the ear biting is that why they call it derry slash londonderry?

    • What’s the difference between a slash and a stroke?

      Bound to be a good punchline for that…anyone?

  3. Maggie Ritchies red coat gets zanier every week and Ken Mc is even worse.

    But it makes me laugh a lot.

  4. I heard that Ballymena Council are looking for ELO to make a comeback , so that they can ban them again.

    I, for one, agree whole heartedly.

  5. All those childern killed and buried in Jersey and no one saw a thing – some detective bergerc turned out to be. No wonder he’s hiding on ITV.

  6. Apparently the’re expecting Big Queues at Higgy’s funeral,not to mention Big Hughs!!!

    • Will I get your coat for you or will you have the dignity to get it yourself?

      • Get it and his shoes, the concrete ones. It’s a wonder he missed the fact that Canon Black was officiating at the service…get my coat when you’re there, it green with six pockets.

  7. Eoin Morgan says “no more LBW” thats Liam Before William.

  8. ancruiskeenlawnmower
  9. Whats the difference, Punchline “are You takin’the piss or just gently massaging it” !!!

    • Very Good. You only shake it a couple of times after a slash.

      • Couldn’t possibly reply to that. But might the earlier submission from Rectum Giganticus be an allusion to that Indian diplomat Gimme Mahat Macoat Cameron and his Chinese adviser Big Foo tin Mouth? No? I didn’t think so. Anyway, keep up the good work, one finds it very entertaining.

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