An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 47   14 comments

14 responses to “An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 47

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  1. If anyone is in the vicinity of Edenderry, could you give me a lift home?

  2. Please remove that pic of my missus puking on the street else I’ll be thrown out of the lodge.

    • You can join ours GM, mind you it looks like everyone else is still in Donegal this week.



    • She told me she wasn’t married. I feel cheated.

      • She did mention your traditional route I recall.

      • Seems there’s enough of her to go round you both, that’s an enormous piece of spaghetti she’s trying to eat! She’d want to be careful, it could make her sick.

  3. Typical bias, not a Lambeg in sight. I’m I mistaken or is that Greg Campbell (Photo: 2 up, 2 in)? I would be surprised for I know he’s totally teetotally. He must be down with a touch of revisionism. Crater!

  4. I will see Thomas’s Tenerife and raise him an Aruba, ok so I’m in Bundoran, still had to get my weekly lawnmower fix. The Pope is obviously in the Royal Black judging by his sash.

    • Bundoran; you exude class bungle, who’s in the hollyrood tonight, The Wolfe Tones? Dominic Kirwan?

  5. I think it’s the height of bad taste takin’ the piss outa a guy takin’a piss!!!

    • We are going to make it a regular feature Hugh, thinking of calling it,’Urination Once Again’.


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