An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 45   37 comments

37 responses to “An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 45

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  1. Shorter Lawnmower this week as I had to donate page 2 to the local bonfire. Everyone has their part to play.

  2. Rem 1960

  3. Killjoy wuz born ere.

  4. Hay! Wheres page2 by the way? I knew the ConLib pact would lead to cuts soonr or later. Fred cobain eat my hamster lol.

  5. Mo sad news for the middle east! Is e realy after the position of Injustice Minister in that regime, me thinks he’s over qualified. Fred’s good but he’s no Starr! unlike his son Kirk.

  6. For the competition……..I you can read this you, are standing too close (To throw that petrol bomb you Eejit!!)

  7. hopefully when he arrives they will circumcise Trimble and throw away the wrong bit!!!

  8. By the way what was Eva Braun doing at your house!???

  9. Shorter Lawnmowers lead to shorter Lawns.

  10. No skin off My Nose Maarsha!!

  11. Entry No2…..UnCivil & Non Religious liberty to all!.

  12. I’m Snot going to make an (T)issue of the it.

  13. How did that “the” get in there!! sorry!

  14. Anyone watching For “Queer and Country” I know its not Politically correct but neither is Harry Hamilton!!!

    • It’s comedy gold, unlike the Hugh and Maarsha Show, the Lawnmower’s very own Stadler and Waldorf. Good job I got here before they got to the song and dance number. In the meantime, here’s Barbara Dickson…….

      Thanks to Hugh also for flagging up the misplaced optomism of the super soaraway Sun.

  15. dont know why im embarrassed by harry but i am.

  16. I thought David Ervine was dead. But apparently he hasn’t bit the dust.

    • Harry was complaining about too much Gaelic football and Hurling on Radio Ulster, he said, ‘All we hear is, Radio GAA GAA’.

  17. Real Orangemen from Crossmaglen
    Always know when to eat a hen.

    I want my winning entry written in chicken footprints.

    Who needs page 2 when you have the Hugh & Maarsha show?

  18. My other Orange Hall is a Porch.

  19. This is the 499th comment on the Lawnmower, who would like the honour of being the 500th?

  20. 1690 We Want a Repaly 🙂

    • I think it was relapy?

      Congratulations on being Mr500 and thanks to everyone who has contributed. (Except Hugh and Maarsha, Get a blog you two!)

      Your prize is a weekend break on the roof of Hannah’s Factory.

      • Could well have been, but gimme a break. It was 320 years ago. Still, fond memories.

        (Holiday for sale if anyone’s interested)

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