An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 44   16 comments

16 responses to “An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 44

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  1. What about having a non-whatabouterry whatabouterry style questionaire?

    How do I get rid of this hideous ginger hair? Now, that I have looked in the mirror.

    Now , if you can imagine Greg Camp naked…………….

  2. What about it?

  3. Crafty copper. Imagine shaving your hair off to avoid a drugs test. Still, he kept his job. He must be one of the few that actually have some qualifications.

    One of your finest Mr Lawnmower. Is there an end to your talents ?

    You even have me sort of almost liking Miss Ritchie. (only messing 🙂 )

  4. Is there any begining to Gregory Soups talents. He is obviously a Clairvoyant anyone can see that He can foresee his Own END !!! Keep up the bad work (and if you want something to do in between Issues there’s plenty of grass around my Bottoms)

  5. Id have put money on gregory’s arse being between his nose and his chin. Lizzy looks like she just saw Grgorys head.

  6. I hear that prince Charles politely declined Danny’s offer to go back to his flat for a drink.

    • Yes quite correct, last time he was in Danny’s flat, there was a problem with the cutlery. A defective steak-knife I believe.

  7. Point of information Grasshopper: them holey cushions are very efficient for the old anal relief. And remember, in politics, you can never walk O’Loan,

  8. The whataboutery is very funny.

  9. Those English So N Sos they have deprived us of the greatest competition since Pin The Tail On Gregory

    • The English shouldn’t be too disappointed that the Germans beat them at their national sport, they beat the Germans at their’s twice.


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