An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 42   29 comments

29 responses to “An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 42

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  1. That monkey is so lke lennon its not true. brilliant totally brilliant.

  2. were you realy on that boat that sunk?

    • Yes, its maiden voyage on The Irish Sea in 1991, it was okay when I last saw it. Never was on a yacht before or since…nor will I be in the future.

  3. Candy Devine? I haven’t seen or heard of her since she was caught with Hugh Grant in LA.

  4. Great to see Ken McGuinness back and looking so well.

  5. Creagh Concrete Ltd are most upset by your spurious claim that their masterpiece was designed & manufactured by thier Co Londonderry lightweight rivals.
    Nice photo of oh bhoy.

  6. I saw Big Hugh’s at the end of the Ballymacombs Road several times this week !!
    I’ll never forget the first time I saw Candy’s Garce she was in the kitchen bent over the Stove
    Ah I can see her now, but I can’t see the STOVE !! (or The Yacht) (Thanks Groucho)
    By the way I saw Myrtle’s Frew as she threw her leg over an old Sacokaki at the races. Lovely lovely girl if Looks,Brains & Personality don’t count.!!

  7. I also must protest at the Inference that The Earl of Wessex is in fact The Duchess of Weakersex
    I was talking to his Boyfriend only last week and he said Eddy never laid a glove on him.!!!!

  8. That wasn’t an easy argument to make but you made a decent fist of it.

  9. More laughs reading that than Jimmy Nesbitts had ‘home towns’
    Is he still the victims tory failed mp ? Or was that his big brother ? the one that sees Linda right.

  10. No it’s the even older brother

    We’re back to the monkey connection again.

  11. Another bro

  12. your not jokin bout bushmills were hows your father is something you do WITH your father.

    leave neil lennon aloan cmon the hoops.

    Sum funny stuff there ill forgive you.

    • What an awful thing to say about Bushlills, I’m tellin me da….who is also my brother…..and my nephew.

      Which aloan would you like me to leave Neil Lennon… Declan?

      Cheers for the comment Ballywatt Road, Bushmills?

  13. Did anyone notice that Prince Eddy’s wife has no thumb on her left hand or else its webbed!!!


    Billy Shake Spears
    • Anne Boylen had six fingers and three tits or sume such. So they’ve got form in that department.

    • He’s holding up five fingers and she’s holding up four, that makes nine. Or should I say…Nein?

      They’ve form in that department too.

      Good spot Billy.


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