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  1. That crucifix should read ‘IPLO GHQ FACTION’

  2. BA Star dropped – finally I get it lol.

  3. I did not like Ian Brady / Sean Brady comparison

    Patricia O'Callaghan
    • I’d say that was Mr Lawnmowers intention Patricia. The sort of comparrison that might make the RC Church look at how they have let children down and a lot more children than Brady and Hyndley.

    • I thought ‘ouch’ too when I saw that, not because I like Séan but because of what Ian did. The more I think about it but, the Cardinal by his own admission has let children down and the church is still not coming clean about the entire story so I say good on ye lawnmowerman. That aside, this is a great blog.

    • Me hearing youi, Patricia, but it is the irreverance and non-comparison that makes it so confounding……or some such other injustifiable laughs.

    • I would imagine you wouldn’t be alone in that opinion, Patricia but you’re more than entitled to it. Thanks for the comment again.

  4. Brady: I’m sorry I said I was sorry when I was saying I was sorry for saying I was sorry …. there’s one Religious Order [Sisters of Mercy] that said ‘sorry’ back in the 90s, a few weeks later they said ‘we’re not as sorry as you think, in fact we’re only a bit sorry. A few years later they said ‘sorry’ again and were asked if they were really sorry or only a bit sorry, they replied that they were a bit of both. Sorry for such a long reply … did I just say ‘sorry’ ? Let me rephrase that: So……..

  5. There are many many deaths of children in the Institutions – and ALL of them are unaccounted for. One child was scalded to death by what was called at the time ‘criminal negligence’. Michael Bowes died in March 1967 in Ferryhouse due to the disgusting and dangerous conditions in the Institution. Patsy Flanagan died after a ‘fall’ from a stairwell in Artane. In Letterfrack at least 7 boys died in one fortnight. In Cavan 35 children were locked in a dormitory and burned to death. In an industrial school in Kilkenny a girl was refused medicine for her diabetes – medicine was simply a biscuit and milk – she died. Nobody was ever charged for any of these deaths. So while the Brady/Moore pic may be disturbing it’s more than a little apt.

    • Horrendous stuff we haven’t begun to really address as yet. In truth, we’ll never probably get around to it. Sad to admit that the Cavan fire is the only one which rings a bell.

  6. The fire at the Industrial School showed how lacking the the Church was in compassion. ‘Three Poems about Children’ is an angry response to a remark by Dr. Lyons, Bishop of Kilmore, when he minimised the horror that the girls had experienced:
    “Dear Little Angels,
    now before God in Heaven,
    they were taken away before the gold of their innocence had being tarnished by the soil of the world”

    Poet Austin Clarke in anger at the Bishops lack of sympathy and understanding of the horrors experienced by the children wrote the following in comparing the church in Penal times with the snobbery and pomp of the church of the time.

    Better the book against the rock,
    The misery of roofless faith,
    Than all this mockery of time.
    Eternalising of mute souls.
    Oh then at the very font of grace,
    Pity pity – the dumb must cry.
    Their tiny tears
    are in the walls we build.
    Austin Clarke, Poet.

    The horrific tragedy became national front page news and controversy about locked fire exits and why the children were not evacuated in good time gave the impetus for a public Tribunal of Inquiry. But the results of the Inquiry raised almost more questions than it answered. The inquiry was viewed as a whitewash by some as there was no attempt to hold anyone directly responsible. The outcome of this Inquiry absolved the nuns of any blame but was critical of the local fire service. However this finding has been disputed by many, including in a piece of verse written by the secretary to the Inquiry Brian O’Nolan, better known as the author Flann O’Brien
    “In Cavan there was a great fire,
    Judge McCarthy was sent to inquire,
    It would be a shame, if the nuns were to blame,
    So it had to be caused by a wire.
    —Flann O’Brien

    Due to the nature of the fire, the remains of the 35 dead girls were placed in 8 coffins and buried in Cullies cemetery in Cavan. Currently the gravestone there is the only memorial to this event.. Some argue that the true story of what really happened that night and why so many children were burned to death was not uncovered.

    • How appropriate given that An Cruiskeen Lawnmower is a corruption of the name of O’Nolan’s newspaper column. I’l bet there were more than a few weren’t happy with his verse.

  7. Good comedy always gets someone cross. by the way whose Alan Green and what is wrong with his nostrills?

    • God awful goblin from Belfast who commentates on Premiership for 5live and likes to devestatingly slate players, staff and officials despite never having kicked a ball in his life…..bit like the rest of us then…..but you couldn’t like him if you rared him.

      • If you really want to know what Alan Green is like just think of Stephen Nolan with all the charm, intellect and insight squeezed out. I know, I know. Whose Stephen Nolan?

      • I give up, whose Stephen Nolan? Oh I see, Who is Stephen Nolan?

        He’s the Biggest C*nt in the Show.

    • He meant to write Alan’s green nostrils.

  8. I like the new fancy black lines so I do.

  9. Anyway, the whole issue of interfering with alterboys and the like is a canonical matter so it is and not for the the like of yous ones to be bothering with.

    • Word of the week – Canonical. I always thought canonical was the shape of Madonna’s boobs on the sex tour. >>

  10. Anyway, interfering with alterboys and the like is a Canonical mater so it is and not for the likes of yous ones to be bothered about.

    • I seem to have my own little following gathering up here. I could start a parish, all I need are a few alterboys. Any volunteers?

      • Technically that’s grooming but saying as what your surname is ‘Equines’ I guess it’s okay.


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