An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 31   19 comments

19 responses to “An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 31

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  1. The Minister has forgotten the Moors of Innisrush. Although I doubt if the Foxes(Clady Rd.) or the grey-backed-Loughlin’s would go near them,but would rather go for a feed in “The Grouse”

  2. If anyone else has any trivia regarding Botswana which they know to be utterly untrue, we’d love to hear it.

    This Charming Man by The Smiths was Number 1 in Botswana for just under 14 years.

  3. Little known fact is Butch Dingle left Emmerdale to become President of Botswana. FACT !!

  4. OK not sure why but here goes – the square root of Botswana is 58.??????

  5. Botswana is an anagram of clitoris.

  6. Brilliant issue braindeadbox is te biggest load of shite on tv. Do hindus issue fatwahs?

  7. Enough of this sillyness. It will never win you an award. What about a proper political feature such as, the role of our Ulster MP’s in a well hung parliament.

  8. Slemish is the 168,532nd highest mountain never to have been in Botswana. but St.Patrick still hearded Gunus there!! That is the end of the Ten O’clock Gunus.(Thanks to Spike)

  9. Spike the theiving bastard also bought Crumlin Rd prison for the pricely sum of £1.
    Lets hope he get a cell in Maghaberry and recieves the weekly allowance of £2.50. Then he can buy another two and a half listed buildings on prime building land.
    Did I mention he’s a theiving bastard ??

  10. Can we have a Catholic Church in Chassis Column next week please Mr Mower?

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