An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 30   14 comments

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  1. The Lawnmower has now made the shortlist for the Irish Blog Awards, would any of our readers care to pen an acceptance speech for the awards night in Galway? The best entrant gets to go up on the stage with me, use bad language and demand the release of some obscure political prisoner in Botswana.

    In the highly unlikely event that we don’t win, you just get to use bad language.

    • according to the telegraph,

      Botswana is special: the only country in the region to have been consistently democratic since independence; the only country in the region never to have had political prisoners; a solvent southern African republic – the list of its merits can sometimes read rather like a too-good-to-be-true school report.

      May need a new idea for the acceptance speech.

  2. Couldn’t post comment at work but have been singing were not Brazil we’re normally idle all day, class!

  3. Nobody ever asked me nothing?!?

  4. I would like to thank the D.U.P. for all the materiel they have provided me with over this year. Free Free Free Nelson McCausland. (Give Liam Gallaher the fingers)

  5. Surely carrying out experiments on Primates would be a breach of the priest?

  6. Congrats on making the shortlist Mr Lawnmower. Well deserved.

  7. I’m not suprised you made the short list sure look at all the height of yee
    I would give you 1st prize for “TG Yin” alone!!

  8. CSI Dervock LMAO

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