An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 29   13 comments

13 responses to “An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 29

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  1. The boss don’t think that funny. Get my picture of that before you get a visit from Sheriff Rosco P Coltrain and cleetus.10-4?

    Jeffersen Davis Hogg
    • *Kris Kristoffersen voice* Well the boys thought they’s gotten away with the Paisley issue but old Boss Hogg had different ideas. He sent Sheriff Roscoe down to the Duke farm but Bo and Luke had taken the General down Red River Creek. Cloetus liked Daisy’s new, even tighter denim shorts and Grandpaw, well he had finally gotten the exclusion order to keep him away from the school in town. Yeah, just another day in Hazard County. Y’all come back now!

  2. Orange Streep the likeness in uncanny, can’t wait for the exclusive when Gerry’s gone gone gone! lol

  3. Loved the Doctor Who reference

  4. There’s more bovver when you hover
    You fly-mo-fo

  5. Brilliant as ever Mr L. Return Surrender, class.

  6. Another classic. Has Paisley ever had a photograph were he was just sitting still looking at the camera and smiling?

  7. A touching tribute to a great hero.

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