An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 28   13 comments

13 responses to “An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 28

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  1. Homos and Holiness! Whatever next? Gay Priests! Bah! Bumbug.
    Any word of that award yet?

    • bah bumbug hahaha you should get award for that!!

    • Well they aren’t announced until the end of march but I’d a thought someone would have been in contact to tell me it was in the bag by now.

      I like bah bumbug too.

      Next person to leave a comment gets the honour of being the 300th commenter. Prize – The honour should be enough.

  2. 300th ya say ? I’ll have that thank you very much. No prize too big or small !!
    Gotta run now though.
    Time for my Become a Bigot Through the Medium of Christ therapy. Classic 🙂

    • Are you in the advanced class OB or do you just want to despise people with funny looking, eastern European trainers?

  3. Haven’t seen a Philpottus in months. A rare creature indeed.

  4. I’m in the advanced class now Mr Lawnmower…….currently studying “How to explain natural disasters in the most offensive way possible” module.
    Short module though. Turns out I can blame just about anything, though gays and caflicks are preferred.

  5. Poor Sharon Skillen all she did was get the dup nomination and already shes in the lawnmower. I have one question for the men – would you?

  6. That’s an unjustified attack on the Philpott. I heard that he recently busted a monkeys ring?

  7. Arthoor you don’t know your Lemur from Uranus!!!
    You should be Primate of All Ireland.

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