An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 27   19 comments

19 responses to “An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 27

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  1. Apparently we have been nominated in the humour section of The Irish Blog Awards, thank you to whoever was responsible, it would clearly be a travesty if we don’t win.

    in case you think I was making it up;

    • Congrats on your nomination. Does that mean you wont answer to us anymore? Seriously, you have given us all some great laughs over the passed months. I keep expecting it to get boring but it just gets better, dont stop please. Bungle.

  2. This edition was well worth the wait!!! Sir Reg.Empty, Peter, Maggie McRichTea, A. Ford Alliance, and what’s her face Dawn-on-You will all need the help of some big, well-known public hitters to secure any future Election seats either in Norn Iron, Londing or the Dial – there’s always Patsy Kennie, Gaybo I-Love-Myself and!!!

  3. Thats not MaryKate Danaher. I’m voting for liam Neeson in the IFTAs and Martin McGuiness in the Shiftas.

  4. Dawn-on-me what’s her name I’ve just remembered it’s purl one, knit one, purl one i.e. PKP

  5. I had a look at lts of the other nominees and I think you should be in with a shout. This blog should be a household name, I mean that very seriously.

    • When I told people I wanted to write a humorous blog, they laughed at me. Well they’re not laughing now. (Thanks to Bob Monkhouse)

  6. Just to think when you started this Blog people laughed at you,
    They’re not laughing NOW !!! You should get an OSCAR for (Obscene Satirical Controversial Articulate Ramblings) or at least a BAFTA (Bloggers Awfully Funny Tripe Award)

  7. I swear on my Mother’s grave I started writing my last post at about 8:30 pm before seeing the Lawnmowers reply to deSilvaSurfa You know what they say about Great Minds!!!!

  8. Where can we vote for your nomination and elevation?

    • I don’t think it’s a voting thing, there’s a ceremony in Galway at the end of March, all I know is someone or someones nominated the lawnmower. Perhaps if you just sent me premium bonds in the meantime.

  9. Aye right, dream on you financially, money-grabing, materialistic little twerp!

  10. Sorry to hear you are in a ward. Not really surprised. Will visit. Not the same ward as Virus Robinson?

    • The story is, when they admitted her, she was raving incoherently about a wee sleekid cowerin timerin beastie.

      They put her in the Burns Unit……………………………boom! boom!…………….bang!

  11. Comhghairdeas ar d’ainmniúchán. Mary Kate has got better lookin’ since I went out with her. Mind you, she did have that boob job.

    Daphne Trimble defenestrates Linen Doilies

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