An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 26   22 comments

22 responses to “An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 26

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  1. Winner of the SDLP caption competition gets the party’s nomination for East Belfast in the next Westminster election.

  2. I see four ewes with white faces and four yous with very red faces

    Please send money for this winning entry to the Greek Goverment!!

  3. And I thought Rab C was the most offensive thing in a Vest !!

  4. I always thought oor willie was orbiting Pluto so I’d like to hear him comet on it.

  5. Is Ritchie audtioning to be a groupie for the Singin’ Brickie?

  6. More than 1 space Kadet in this issue!

    Has Margret Richie just fired willie out of that mortar launcher?

    City hall and the rat cage – brilliant!

  7. Oh bhoy, oh Bhoy-it’s-not-zone, is there a new CD release iminent from the Low Life, more song titles welcomed please. I agree that laughter is the best medicine so keep ’em comin’ my weekly fix is keeping me sane!!!

  8. That’s not Lowlife, it’s Peter & the not-so-pretty Punt-ers. Best known hit (aside from Marty’s string of) – “The Girl Brown Eyed”.

    • Very good bm, mind you there’s two ways of reading that song title and I’m fairly sure one of them is illegal.

  9. Caption comp entry (winner)
    Margaret ” Yes I’ve been handed (nods head, raises eyebrows and emphasises handed) the job (tilts head to the right and takes pointless 4 second pause…) of burying (head tilt to left with pointless 4 second pause) the party (needless emphasis on party, pause) under (another typical 4 second pause…) these houses (deep breath and 4 second pause…) behind me as we believe (pause…) we are (pause…) the foundations (extreme emphasis on foundations with nod of head and tilt to the right accompanied with 6 second pause…) of everything ”

    Yes it irks me how this woman can’t just string a sentence together without her required time outs between words. Why the need to always speak as though it was a 4 year old child she’s talking to ?

    Love the picture of little Alex btw.

    • You’re obviously not a huge fan. Look I’ve told you before, you’ve got to let Durkan go, he had his day, get a new celebrity to worship.

  10. Mr Lawnmower I have no problems letting go of Durkan(the westminster warrior). The problem is how to have him dangling from Slieve League.

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