An CruiskeenLawnmower – Issue 25   13 comments

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  1. Special nod to OhBhoy for his inspirational wi-fi toaster and for spotting that the gangly, comic strip fall guy looks like Plug from the Beano.

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  3. Cracker!!!

  4. You owe me for a damaged lap-top. When i saw iris’s underwear on the graph i sprayed the key-board with green tea. Aaaaaaghhh……

    • ‘When i saw iris’s underwear on the graph i sprayed the key-board’ You really ought to consider editing that part of your comment bungle.

  5. Brill again Mr Lawnmower Peter must have got the UVF tatoo lazered off his arm. Are the iprods £169.00 by any chance?

    • He did get the tattoo lazered Maarsha, it was a 2 for one offer when he got his eyes done. Between the outfit that do it at the Oval and the others that work near the airport, East Belfast is well served. As for the iProd, keep it to yourself but the Ulster Fry attachment is only an artist’s impression, close ispection will reveal the presence of a tomato.

  6. Nice one Maarsha re cost of iProd and touche to you Mr/Ms Lawnmower, you bright spark (not a lazer spark by the way)!!! From the not-so-bright-spark who probably does need lazered (brain mostly) , what’s the game way the fry and tomato???

    • When Ulstermen are trying to pull a bird, they often attempt to exhibit a soft, caring side by putting tomatoes and mushrooms on their fry.

  7. Cheers for the mention Mr Lawnmower. I was fairly confident my insane musings may eventually lead to something sometime somewhere. Bingo !!
    Congrats must go to the stats dept this week though. Sympathy also as they had to follow Iriss pants. They`re worth every penny of their wages. Top issue yet again.

    • You’re very welcome OB, I’ve had loads of interest in your comedic abilities since your conribution and have passed your details to the DUP Press Office who were especially keen.

  8. Cheers for that Mr Lawnmower. I look forward to working with Paul no Dingleberrys, Iris Pantsoff/pantson, Ian Og McSweeny-Todd and the rest of the party elite.

  9. Love the new star rating system lol.

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