An Cruiskeen Lawnmower – Issue 17   15 comments

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  1. ENTRY FOR CAPTION COMPETITION: ‘To tell you the truth, Ballack,the laser treatment wasn’t a vanity thing. My glasses kept snagging on my white pointy hood.’

    • Now that’s just a cheap and nasty comment, would you like a position on our editorial team? As the only entry so far, you are currently in line for 3 copies of Willie’s CD. That’ll Larne ye.

  2. I`m staying well clear of the caption competition. 1st and 2nd prize are useless to some one who has the entire back catalogue of the singing rever-endless.
    ATM theft pmsl 🙂 priceless
    Judging by the pictures in this top class issue I`m guessing the majority of the lawnmower budget goes to the photographic dept. Hats aef tae em wain an al.

    • No, the majority of the budget goes into a fund for the libel cases pending. Any chance of a character reference? Cheers for the continued support.

  3. Came across this by accident, glad I did, it’s hilarious. Are those the real santas hats?

    • Afraid we may have accidentally photoshopped those but it’s a good idea for Channel 4, ‘In Search of the Real Santa Hats’ Thanks for your comment.

  4. Caption Compo – Peter ” You’re cuter than that other Offaly window sucker “

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  6. Top quality again sir my laptop is now covered in corn flakes!!!

  7. Now this is the best one yet! Sorry to complain, but your Farm Weakly is riddled with mistakes. There are far more than 93 effers in Dungannon and Kilrea is full of yos, and where are the horse prices.

  8. When MccauseI’sblack got stuck up the chim-iney a-choo! a-choo! a-choo!

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